Autumn is here! Make sure you get it all done with our Fall Checklist!


Greetings, tree lovers! Fall is upon us and with it, comes a new list of tasks to be done in the garden and landscape. It’s a good time to plant new trees and shrubs, as the soil is warm but the air is cool. It is also the right time to take stock of your yard and make sure there are no risky trees that could pose a threat over the winter. Some trees and shrubs are sensitive to the cold and need to be fertilized and mulched, before winter really sets in. It is a time for preparation and planting.
It is also the time to enjoy the mild temperatures and get outside! Go for a hike with the family and take in the fall colors of our beautiful Northwest forests. Or just take a walk through your neighborhood to see what trees are turning in other people’s yards. It’s a great way to get ideas and inspiration for your own landscape.


Here is our list of tasks that need to be done in the fall. If you need help with any of them, you can always call on us! We can help you assess what needs to be done, as well!


- Remove critical risk trees

- Fertilize trees and shrubs (as part of your normal annual program)

- Prune dead diseased or unsafe branches

- Plant any new trees or shrubs

- Mulch trees and shrubs as appropriate

- Remove leaf piles from beds and turf

- Inspect trees and shrubs for insects and diseases, and treat if necessary

- Cable weak limbs in preparation for severe weather

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