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Spider mites are known to affect a variety of evergreens including Spruce, and arborvitae. You can tell they are taking up residence in your trees when you start to see brown patches appearing out of no where.  If you think the Mites have indeed taken up residency try this tip. Take one of the recently dead branches and shake it over a blank white piece of paper. Examine the paper closely, look for tiny spots moving around. If you find Spider mites here are a couple ways to give them there […] Continue reading →

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We sometime have people ask us what the difference is between a tree trimmer and a Certified Arborist. Believe us, they are not the same thing! While our Certified Arborists DO trim trees, their level of skill and education far exceed the average trimmer. Plus, there are many additional benefits! Keep reading to learn more. If you see a “tree trimmer” advertised, do not assume that you will get the same benefits. Likewise, a Certified Arborist does so much more than just trim trees! A […] Continue reading →

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Food costs have been rising lately and it makes it harder than ever to make ends meet. It has become increasingly difficult to afford healthy, fresh produce (not to mention organic) in this current economy. Luckily, there is a pretty cheap solution to this problem that can increase the health and happiness of your family for decades to come: grow your own produce! These days, more and more people are turning to homegrown food as a way to get delicious, fresh produce for a fraction of the […] Continue reading →

Dec canker

Returning rains often bring the reappearance of some all-too-familiar diseases in some of our favorite plants. Fruit trees are often particularly susceptible to pathogens, fungal disease and the like because they are often bred for their delicious, beautiful fruit rather than for their hearty constitutions. Trees are now moving into their dormant period and certain pathogens burrow up into the bark to stay for the winter, only to wreak havoc when the weather warms up. It’s important to […] Continue reading →

Nov Dogwood

Increase the beauty of your landscape the easy way- by planting native trees! It’s not too late to plant trees in your yard this fall. In fact, autumn is one of the best times to plant! The temperatures are mild and there is plenty of water, giving new trees an easier adjustment period. Trees are dormant above ground during winter but below, they are building their root systems. So, new trees can spend several months establishing strong roots before their first season of above-ground […] Continue reading →


Greetings, tree lovers! Fall is upon us and with it, comes a new list of tasks to be done in the garden and landscape. It’s a good time to plant new trees and shrubs, as the soil is warm but the air is cool. It is also the right time to take stock of your yard and make sure there are no risky trees that could pose a threat over the winter. Some trees and shrubs are sensitive to the cold and need to be fertilized and mulched, before winter really sets in. It is a time for preparation […] Continue reading →


Stay tuned to this page for all the very latest seasonal information and expert advice from our staff! We’ll be updating it regularly with plant recommendations, landscaping suggestions and much more. Visit often to stay informed or “like” us on Facebook to catch all the updates. If you have questions or topics you would like us to cover, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We love to hear from you!   […] Continue reading →