Tree Care
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We sometime have people ask us what the difference is between a tree trimmer and a Certified Arborist. Believe us, they are not the same thing! While our Certified Arborists DO trim trees, their level of skill and education far exceed the average trimmer. Plus, there are many additional benefits! Keep reading to learn more. If you see a “tree trimmer” advertised, do not assume that you will get the same benefits. Likewise, a Certified Arborist does so much more than just trim trees! A […] Continue reading →

Dec canker

Returning rains often bring the reappearance of some all-too-familiar diseases in some of our favorite plants. Fruit trees are often particularly susceptible to pathogens, fungal disease and the like because they are often bred for their delicious, beautiful fruit rather than for their hearty constitutions. Trees are now moving into their dormant period and certain pathogens burrow up into the bark to stay for the winter, only to wreak havoc when the weather warms up. It’s important to […] Continue reading →