Protect Your Fruit Trees!

Returning rains often bring the reappearance of some all-too-familiar diseases in some of our favorite plants. Fruit trees are often particularly susceptible to pathogens, fungal disease and the like because they are often bred for their delicious, beautiful fruit rather than for their hearty constitutions.

Trees are now moving into their dormant period and certain pathogens burrow up into the bark to stay for the winter, only to wreak havoc when the weather warms up. It’s important to take action now to prevent damage in early spring.

We are seeing a lot of anthracnose (aka canker) on many trees right now but especially apple trees. Anthracnose is caused by a wide range of organisms but is usually a fungus, bacteria or virus. Trees affected will show areas of dead tissue that grow slowly over time (pictured below). Some varieties of anthracnose are deadly though many just cause a general weakening in the tree, leaving it susceptible to other diseases. Either way, preventative measures should be taken to ensure the lifelong health of your trees!

Dormant sprays can be applied to trees anytime between now and February to help fight and prevent canker and other overwintering disease-causing organisms. Spraying now is much more effective than waiting until the organisms reappear in the spring!

The Thomas Tree Care team is skilled at identifying signs of canker and other diseases on apple trees and other fruit trees. Our certified arborists will come examine and assess your tree and apply the appropriate dormant spray to protect it. We use a wide variety of sprays including fixed copper, dormant oil and even some organic sprays. We prefer to use organic dormant sprays to reduce the amount of chemicals in the fruit. It is available for all organic gardeners or to anyone who just wants to try it out. Just ask us!

If you suspect your trees may have anthracnose or any other disease or pest, contact us today. One of our certified arborists can come to your home or property to diagnose the tree properly and discuss the options for treatment with you. Together, we can improve the health of your trees to ensure their long life and plentiful harvest for the coming year. Contact us today.