We prune all types of trees, young and old, to help them maintain shape, health and safety!

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

A pruned tree is a healthy tree! Tree pruning promotes new, healthy growth and removes old, dead and damaged limbs. It can extend blooming time on flowering trees and improve harvest and production on fruit trees! Large evergreens, deciduous trees, new trees and more: they all benefit from proper pruning.

Our expert team of arborists and tree specialists can tackle pruning jobs of all sizes! We remove dead wood and prune trees back to maintain attractive shape and good health. We are skilled in ornamental pruning and can shape trees to your desired specifications.

We use several pruning techniques to bring out the best in your trees. Young trees are pruned more often and more vigorously than older trees, as these formative years are when the tree’s shape is determined. This is especially important if you want an unusual or specific shape or if you have fruit-bearing trees. Older/taller trees need to be pruned for health and shape but more so to avoid hazards like growing over power lines or houses. Removal of dead limbs is more common in mature trees.

We thin certain trees (removing new branches where they join at the stem) to ensure better air circulation and shape, while removing dead or damaged branches. We also do heading, a technique that promotes new growth by cutting back side branches.

We prune large and small trees on residential and commercial properties in the greater Portland-Vancouver area and southwestern Washington and northwestern Oregon. To make an appointment to have your trees pruned, or to get an estimate, please contact us.