The Key to Heavy Harvests in 2013!

‘Tis the season for many things, including family and holiday celebrations and…fruit tree pruning!  November-February is the perfect time to prune all manner of fruit trees, from apple and pear to fig trees, cherry trees and more. They will perform better, live longer, and produce more fruit with proper pruning and care. Fruit trees also need to be maintained to a reasonable size to make it easier to harvest that delicious fruit!

Tree pruning promotes new, healthy growth and removes old, dead, diseased, and damaged limbs. With proper pruning, fruit trees will grow into an attractive shape and form that produces high yields of delicious fruit for years to come. It helps the tree to develop a strong framework to hold the weight of the fruit and opens up the canopy to allow light into lower branches. Light penetration is essential to flower bud development and also helps fruit to set properly.

Pruning is best done in winter and needs to be done well before trees bloom next spring. Once the weather cools, the tree enters a dormant state, where most of its energy is stored in the trunk and center of the tree. If a large section of the tree is removed in the winter, it doesn’t affect the health of the tree and then it can respond in springtime by developing new, vigorous shoots!

The Thomas Tree Care pruning team has been on the job for two generations and we know just how to take care of your fruit trees, whether you have just a couple in the backyard or a whole orchard. We will come and do a tree assessment and talk with you about your goals for your trees. We can do just a thinning (where we remove branches back to the point of origin at the branch collar) or a shortening pruning (where we remove a pair of branches or limbs by pruning into two-year old or older wood) or even renewal pruning (Pruning a branch two years of age or older at its point of origin on the leader).

We can give your tree the pruning it needs to have a success year of growth and a fruitful harvest in 2013. We work with the aesthetics of your orchard and/or landscape to increase visual appeal while tending to the health of the tree.

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