Thomas Tree Care Blog: Are those Spider Mites getting mighty annoying?

Spider mites are known to affect a variety of evergreens including Spruce, and arborvitae. You can tell they are taking up residence in your trees when you start to see brown patches appearing out of no where.  If you think the Mites have indeed taken up residency try this tip. Take one of the recently dead branches and shake it over a blank white piece of paper. Examine the paper closely, look for tiny spots moving around.
If you find Spider mites here are a couple ways to give them there eviction notice. First try spraying them off with a garden hose, you will have to do this once per day for at least seven days. If this does not take care of them you will want to go to your local nursery such as Yard and Garden and purchase an insectide soap, or another insecticide.
Feel free to call our office or email us from Here if you would like to schedule a consultation. One of our certified arborists will come out and confirm infestation and discuss more treatment options.